Nevah Have I Evah: A Sneaky Flute Family Album CD

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Nevah Have I Evah: A Sneaky Flute Family Album CD

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Edition of 500, only 14 copies left. Each CD comes with a vinyl copy of A B's "SOUTH SHORE" LP (released 2020). All proceeds will be donated to the Quincy Historical Society in Quincy, Massachusetts.

$20 US plus shipping. ***Note: you don't need to select the LP in your order to get a free copy - it will come automatically with the CD***

"Nevah Have I Evah: A Sneaky Flute Family Album" (RCA001) is a CD compilation that was released on July 27, 2001. It features rare Swirlies demos, songs, and precursors by Damon, Seana, Rob, Ron and Andy. Also many tracks from our extended family at the time: Girlz Nite Out, A.M. Radio, Courtney Shanks (of Blood on the Wall), Le Ton Mite, Jonas of Mew, Dildo, Beery Scruffles, Duck Attack, Kelly Kervin, and others.

CD artwork by Ron Rege, after P. Shaw, after a concept by Jim Bernick. Jacket and insert by A B. Sequenced by A B and Jeff Zeigler at Uniform Recording (the sponge factory building version).

CD in hand-printed cardboard jacket with insert.

Listen to selections of the "Nevah Have I Evah" CD here:

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